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Hallo again to all. We've dreamt for some time here at Anglicans Online about a massive database of the world's Anglican parishes; one where, for example, if you were planning a holiday, you could simply type in your destination and have information about the nearest Anglican church pop up in your web browser, giving you details on location, service times, and the like. The Church of England has moved closer to this with its own English parish database, in its early stages. Although not yet flawless, it promises to be a super convenience.

The Reverend Barbara Brown Taylor is considered one of the best preachers in the Episcopal Church in the USA, and now you've a chance to hear a 30+ minute lecture she delivered in late June. All you need is the free RealAudio player, and there are details at the web site link.

The States weighed in this week with the most parish sites new to us, and the newest diocesan web site is also from the States as well: the Diocese of West Missouri.

Can you assist? An Anglicans Online reader from the UK writes: 'Help is sought from all those in the Anglican church using the internet (especially but not exclusively those in the Church of England) in gaining an insight into how Christians are using this growing technology. I would be very grateful to anyone who is willing to spend a couple of minutes completing an on-line survey. These can be found, along with more details of my research at www.city.ac.uk/~cz598/dis.htm. Please select the appropriate survey from the left-hand column. Many thanks. F.A. Lomas, MSc, Information Science, City University, London'.

Staying in academia for the moment, the University of the South, an Episcopal university in Tennessee in the States, is seeking a vice chancellor. Read the description and see whether you can pass on the information to a promising candidate.

The big news this week actually took place on this date more than two centuries ago. The signing of the Declaration of Independence by 56 British subjects, most of whom were Anglicans, set in motion the creation of a church without central control, the Anglican Communion. In the News Centre this week we again blur the boundaries between news and commentary by noting the huge effect on our church of those events that took place in Philadelphia that hot day in 1776. The News Centre reports that the Church of England continues to move towards a separation of Church and State, a process begun with the signing of that Declaration.

We had thought that this would be a slow news week, with Canada Day on 1 July and US Independence Day on 4 July, Wimbledon wrapping up in England and Australians busily watching the Cricket World Cup; we assumed that the makers of Anglican news would be doing something else. How silly of us. We think we have captured some of the major stories, with our usual eclectic set of links so that you can read the primary source material.

See you next week.

Cynthia McFarland
Brian Reid

Last updated: 4 July 1999
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