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This page last updated 4 July 1999
Anglicans Online last updated 4 July 1999

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ALL THE NEW URLS we receive each week are here. We post two weeks' worth, cycling the old ones off each week. Before they disappear from this page, you'll find the URLs in their natural homes at Anglicans Online.

Week of 4 July 1999

Books, Bookshops etc.
Meetingbrook Bookshop and Bakery: An ecumenical, inclusive, inter-religious bookshop located in Camden, Maine, specialising in the contemplative and meditative traditions of spirituality. --

Ontario: Huntsville: All Saints --

East London (Ontario) Anglican Ministries --

A mailing list devoted to Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Paul Tillich. Details here.
A mailing list that centres round discussion of the catechumenate. More information here.

News Centre
The origins of ECUSA noted; separation of church and state on this date in 1776. The English are talking about such separation now. A bishop regrets not being spanked. Another bishop writes about clergy salaries. The late Cardinal Basil Hume speaks out against the Vatican. Boone Porter dies. The Welsh primate retires; the Anglican Communion News Service serves up some news. We cover another ordination, we point you to transcripts of debate in Parliament about cathedrals. All this and more in the News Centre.

The Revd Barbara Brown Taylor, Harry R. Butman Professor of Religion and Philosophy at Piedmont College in Demarest, Georgia and one of ECUSA's best known preachers, delivered the first of her series of Bible Lectures on 27 June 1999. The 35-minute lecture is on RealAudio and information is on the web page. --

UK, Ireland, and Europe
Church of England 'Find a Parish' service. Despite its oddly commercial .com domain, this site is sponsored officially by the Church of England and allows one to search a massive database of every CofE parish using various criteria. Once it works flawlessly and links to existing parish web sites, it will be a splendid resource. --

English parishes
Cartmel (Cumbria): Priory Church --
Fawley, (with Langley, Holbury, Coley), the parish of Fawley --
South Shoebury, St Andrew with St Peter --

Arkansas: El Dorado, St Mary --
Arkansas: Enterprise, Epiphany --
Arkansas: Ozark, St Michael --
Florida: Gainesville, Holy Trinity --
Kentucky: Covington, Trinity --
Maine: Falmouth, St Mary --
North Carolina: Asheville, Redeemer --
Oklahoma: Sapulpa. Good Shepherd --
Texas: Round Rock, St Richard --

Diocese of West Missouri --

The University of the South (Episcopal) is looking for a new chancellor. --

Week of 27 June 1999

Ontario: Woodstock, Old St Paul's --

News Centre
More tributes and obituaries for Cardinal Basil Hume, all well worth reading. Big Stink at St Paul's Cathedral over the ordination of women. The Church of England may permit weddings on the beach. The Archbishop of Brisbane has a lot to say on several topics, conveniently transcribed for you by Anglican Media Brisbane. Rochester (guess which one) elects a new bishop. The Church of England issued a press release saying that the number of ordinations is increasing, and the British press is getting all excited about it. A leading Roman Catholic publication carries an article saying that the Internet isn't really so bad as people think. We have used the Internet to pirate an illegal copy of the article to make sure you get a chance to read it. HM the Queen is worried that the ABC may boycott the Millennium Dome. The Church Times takes a bold technological step forward. The Times' web site is still the worst in the industry. All this and more in the News Centre.

Christian and Ministry Education
Science education for the clergy: Could your rector pass this quiz? Could you? This is Dr Ed Friedlander's take on what clergy should know. (It's not an aesthetically pretty file, but the content is most useful.) --

Greenbelt Interfaith News, in its June issue, offers an impressive roster of links to recent news stories on science and religion. --

UK, Ireland, and Europe
English parishes
Godalming: SS Peter and Paul, and St Mark --

Florida: Sarasota, Church of the Nativity --
New Jersey: Burlington, St Mary's Parish --
North Carolina: Canton, St Andrew --
Texas: San Antonio, St George --
Texas: San Antonio, St Paul --
West Virginia: Saint Albans (the place), St Mark's Church --

'Peek through the Window', designed primarily for young adults in the States checking out what the Episcopal Church has to offer. --

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