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Hallo again to all as we journey through the long season of Sundays after Pentecost or after Trinity, depending on which calendar your branch of the Anglican Communion follows.

We note with pleasure the new web site for Calvary Church, Memphis, Tennessee (ECUSA). Well designed and fast loading, it provides a wealth of information about the parish and, more unusually, a section for browsers who might be exploring the Anglican Communion. Both clergy and members of the parish contribute responses to a variety of questions, including 'Do I have to go to church?' and 'Do Christians believe followers of other religions are doomed?' On the other side of the world, a web site in Australia is tackling the basics of Christianity at a smart sophisticated site, quick loading and nicely designed. Although ecumenical in outlook, much of its material is written by Anglicans.

If you are a writer, or think you could be, have a look at this announcement by Anglican Book Centre Publishing about the Faithful Servant Series, a joint venture with Morehouse Publishing in the States.

We welcome the Diocese of Mississippi online this week (along with its cathedral, St Andrew) and the Cathedral and Collegiate Church of the Diocese of Southwark in England.

We draw on the resources and connexions of our massively informed readers to enquire whether anyone knows of a source of an Anglican Communion flag. This would presumably be a flag with the image of the compass rose, used throughout the official Lambeth Conference site (upper left corner) and prominently on the Anglican Communion site. If you have seen such a flag, know where one can be ordered, or have plans to manufacture one please let us know directly, so we can post the information to our enquirer.

The Church of England has recently published statistics of membership, ordinands, finances, and the like. Brian has more to say about that in the News Centre. What he'll say here is that "heal thyself" might be a good mandate, but "analyse thyself" is probably not.

Brian has started wondering if maybe the Domesday Book wasn't originally started to document some project of building a dome over Lancashire or Sheffield. We Americans are used to wretched excess. In fact, we think we invented it. But the English are definitely giving us a run for our money. Too bad that money wouldn't be enough to buy us the right to be The Preferred Online Anglican News Source for the Second Millennium. If you want to know what on earth I am referring to, you'll just have to go look at the News Centre. We have Actual News from Australia, among other things.

See you next week.

Cynthia McFarland
Brian Reid

Last updated: 11 July 1999
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