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This page last updated 1 August 1999
Anglicans Online last updated 1 August 1999

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ALL THE NEW URLS we receive each week are here. We post two weeks' worth, cycling the old ones off each week. Before they disappear from this page, you'll find the URLs in their natural homes at Anglicans Online.

Week of 1 August 1999

Australia and New Zealand
Australian parishes
Victoria, Hawthorne, St Columb --
Victoria, Northern Mallee, Parish of Northern Mallee --
NSW, West Ryde, St Columb --

Australian cathedrals
Sydney: St Andrew's Cathedral --

Kephas, a new mailing list for the discussion of clerical marriage in the liturgical churches, with a focus on the Roman Catholic Church. All are welcome, but no flaming allowed. To subscribe, send an email to with 'subscribe kephas [your email address]' in the body of the email.

Guilds, Associations, Ministries
Guild of All Souls, a traditional Anglo-Catholic devotional society devoted to prayer for the dead and dying. --

News Centre
First they change the Lord's Prayer to take out thee and thou; then they drop my favourite hymn. Now they're mucking with the date of Easter. The ABC raises the ire of some conservatives. Bishop of Cork is taking heat for marrying a Spice Girl. ("To marry" here is not a reflexive verb). Paul Handley writes about gold fillings in teeth, but fails to notice missing photos on CT web site. Diocese of Olympia appoints a native of South Africa as its cathedral dean. New Fairy Meadow Anglican Church in NSW; David Virtue is jetting down right away to make sure it's the right kind of fairy. The Church of England has released a report on integrating sex offenders back into society, and the British press has erupted in flames. Barbara Harris speaks at the remembrance of the Philadelphia Ordinations, and both liberals and conservatives are distributing copies of what she said as proof that their point of view is the right one. Organist at St Edmundsbury Cathedral was not involved in killing animals for sport. The new CEO of the Mother's Union has been wearing men's clothing to work. All this and more in the News Centre. Note: this week's News Centre neither has genetically modified components, nor any references to The Times. The Times' web site was offline (at least for North Americans) during the entire time that we normally edit AO, so we shall just do without it this week.

UK, Ireland, and Europe
Irish parishes
Portstewart, Agherton Parish (St John the Baptist) --

English resources
Diocese of Carlisle Youth Centre --

California: Ridgecrest, St Michael --
Massachusetts: Wilbraham, Epiphany --

We note that 'the Episcopal Church Center at 815 Second Avenue in New York will be closed from Saturday, August 7 through Sunday, August 22 and most of the staff will therefore be on vacation. A "skeleton crew" will maintain certain operations that need to be carried out, for example emergency granting from the Presiding Bishop's Fund for World Relief'.

USA Resources
Episcopal Society for Ministry in Higher Education (ESMHE), 'supports the work of those engaged in ministry in higher education in the United States and abroad. Our members are ordained and lay campus ministers serving in a variety of campus settings'. The site contains much good information and helpful contacts. --

Bahamas: Nassau, St. George's Church --

Week of 25 July 1999

Ontario: Glencoe, St John --
Ontario: Sarnia, St Bartholomew --

Australia and New Zealand
Australian parishes
Sylvania Heights: Sylvania Anglican Church --

Australian resources
Christian Youth Resources, Australia --

See below under 'Theological Issues' for a link to Archbishop Rayner's addresses on the future of Catholic Anglicanism.

New Zealand dioceses
The Diocese of Wellington --

New Zealand parishes
Kelburn: St Michael --

Church Administration
The Alban Institute, a well-known organisation in the States with strong links to the Episcopal Church that offers a variety of resources for parish administration and education. --

News Centre
National food of Australia probably made from genetically modified yeast. Parliament debates what English churches can grow in their gardens. Many people discuss women priests and compensating people who don't want them. The Times (London) has 7 articles worth your attention this week. AO's onsite reporter explains what really happened on the Heresy Trials issue. Church of Scotland members (not Anglican) complain that the BBC has insulted God. God has not commented. Cries of "foul" in re the new Bishop of Exeter. New Australian hymn book. Survey results of ECUSA church membership posted. Anglican Church of Australia brought to task for spending too much money on a cathedral. St Alban possibly exposed as a pagan fraud. New Dean of the Melbourne cathedral. All this and more in the News Centre.

Theological issues
The Future of Catholic Anglicanism, an address by the Most Reverend Dr Keith Rayner, Archbishop of Melbourne, and Primate of Australia at St Peter's, Eastern Hill, Melbourne 14 July, 1999 on the anniversary of John Keble's Assize Sermon (14 July 1833) --

Project Canterbury is a most worthwhile effort to make texts of the Oxford Movement and classical Anglicanism available online. The site includes Tract 90. Updates are made at least weekly to the content and scope of the page. Volunteers are welcome and needed. --

Odds and Ends
'The Ringing World', a bell-ringers magazine from the UK.--

UK, Ireland, and Europe
English parishes
Fulham Fields, St Andrew --
Liverpool (Mossley Hill), St Barnabas --

The Royal Army Chaplains' Department --

Illinois: Wheaton, Trinity --
Massachusetts: Andover, Christ Church --
Massachusetts: Charlestown, St John --
Ohio: Hilliard (Columbus), St Nicholas of Myra --
Texas: Austin, St Alban --
Texas: Dallas, All Saints --
Virginia: Williamsburg, Bruton Parish --
Wisconsin: Racine, St Luke --

Christian Youth Resources, Australia --

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