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Hallo again to all.

Last week we threw up our hands and used our time to fix our computers instead of edit Anglicans Online. We weren't happy with the need to do this, but we were delighted at the torrent of cheerful and supportive email that we received. It's so nice to feel wanted. Thank you all.

The cathedral at Coventry was bombed out in World War II, and in the rebuilding became something new while not letting go of the essence of what it had been. Like most cathedrals it is worth a visit. For us it has always been a symbol of renewal. While it involved neither bombs nor war, Anglicans Online's computers collapsed in middle September and needed to be rebuilt. This caused us to miss a week in our previously-perfect publication record, something that did not make us happy. But in the rebuilding, we were able to add something new that we find every bit as triumphant, in its own way, as the Coventry cathedral.

To wit: we are delighted this week to be able to announce AO Search. You will see a small "search" window right here on this page, and you will also see a link to our more-elaborate AO Search page. We think you will find this service to be so useful that you will quickly forget that there was a week back in 1999 when AO didn't manage to get out an issue.

A reader in the Islands of the Bahamas writes: "As you may know Hurricane Floyd passed through last week Tuesday, September 14. The result was devastating for some of the Island churches and communities. We have posted to our church website an article and photos as a result of our Rector's (rector@batelnet.bs) visit to North Abaco. In addition, we have posted Archbishop Gomez's pastoral letter to the churches of our diocese. Please visit our site for details. Your prayers are requested for our people in this trying and difficult time."

We welcome this week a remarkable homepage for the Diocese of Rokon in The Sudan. The page is hosted in Switzerland, written in German, and translated into English alongside the German version. We also welcome the Diocese of Yokohama and the Diocese of Hokkaido in Japan. Including these new pages, by our count there are now 234 Anglican dioceses around the world that have web pages.

Through the years at Anglicans Online we have tried to mention each one as it comes online. A recently-mentioned web page was for the Diocese of Montana. Since listing it, we have been in communication with the Rt Rev C.I. Jones, Bishop of Montana, to learn that Bishop Jones himself made these web pages and maintains them. To the best of our knowledge this is the first case of an Anglican diocesan web site being made by the Bishop. This all seems quite appropriate for Montana, in which self-sufficiency is part of life.

The News Centre is chock-a-block with news; the world's Anglicans have returned from holiday and are starting to do and say things again. Please do visit our New This Week page to see the various parishes that we have added to our listing this week. And please do try AO Search.

See you next week.

Cynthia McFarland
  Brian Reid

Last updated: 26 September 1999
URL: http://anglicansonline.org