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Hallo again to all.

We have for some time known about, and made use of, the vast resources online in the GENUKI project: Genealogy in the UK and Ireland. One of the things that our new search engine has done is made it easier for us to notice that something is not in Anglicans Online. In particular, we often use the giant and comprehensive table of Kings and Queens and Archbishops, oh my. So, with something of a red face, we have belatedly added it to our listings this week. We hope you enjoy that table as much as we do. You'll need a very big screen to see it, but if you look in our New This Week section you'll find other ways of seeing the table.

The Diocese of Blackburn is offering a nice "yellow pages" Church of England Net Directory. It has all manner of categories that go beyond what a global directory like Anglicans Online can offer. If you live in the Church of England's province you will surely find this directory very useful. Note that the directory is in no way official, even though it is being hosted by a diocese therein.

We welcome to our listings a new parish in South Africa, six new parishes in the USA, two in England, one in Scotland, and one in Australia. The staff of Anglicans Online have a special fondness for Trinity Church in Boston; it was, indirectly, instrumental in our taking over its publication when the previous editor closed it down. We are thus quietly happy to see Trinity Church have a web page. We must confess, though, that liturgically we are unrepentant high-church Anglo-Catholic types, and if we were in Boston we would most likely choose to attend the Church of the Advent there. If you are at all aware of the history of conflict over the last five years at Advent, you will share their joy at being able to announce that their new rector will arrive at the end of this month. If you are not aware of this conflict, you should probably leave it that way, but rejoice anyhow.

The Faith Alive organisation now has a web page. You may have heard of this USA group; it has been around for 25 years, running weekend programs called "Faith Alive Weekend." They will come to your church at the invitation of your Rector and vestry to hold their weekend program at your church. Details of what this is, and how it works, can be found on their brightly-coloured web site.

We continue to tinker with our AO Global Search. AO Search is very straightforward: search everything in Anglicans Online. But AO Global Search wants to search AO and all of the sites to which it links; this has turned out to be more complex than we might originally have thought. We'll get there, and we thank you for your patience when you notice that something you expect to find listed is not there. Experimentation is slow on something this large, and it will likely be Advent before we are done adjusting it.

See you next week.

Cynthia McFarland
  Brian Reid

Last updated: 3 October 1999