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This page last updated 3 October 1999
Anglicans Online last updated 3 October 1999

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Week of 3 October 1999

Guilds, Associations, Ministries
Scholarly Engagement with Anglican Doctrine (SEAD) --

Australia and New Zealand
South Australia: Henley Beach, St Michael and All Angels --

Glennie School, Toowoomba (Brisbane) --
Matthew Flinders Anglican College (Brisbane) --

Christian Education
Faith Alive is a 'Witnessing Fellowship', dedicated to building up the Body of Christ in the Episcopal Church through the format of a weekend program, called a 'Faith Alive Weekend'.--

'20 something Episcopal', a new mailing list: From the web site description: 'This list is for Generation-X Episcopalians who believe that the church should adhere to its traditional ways.' More information at that web site. --

News Centre
A priest whose innovative ways with technology had changed the world is dead at 90. A new bishop for Michigan. Analysis of the coin that Jesus would have been holding for the "render unto Caesar" event. A lot of news and editorial coverage of the sexual abuse case in Canada. Canada's Lutherans vote for intercommunion. Anglican Consultative Council urges governments to act. Church of England launches a cyberparish. Australian bishop forced to resign in sex scandal. South African priest dismissed in sex scandal. New suffragan bishop for the US Armed Forces; no sex scandal at all. All this, and more, in the News Centre.

Not in the Communion
The Anglican Independent Communion: 'We are a traditional independent Anglican diocese of five churches and six missions. The Bible is the inspired Word of God, the 1928 Book of Common Prayer is our form of worship, and the 39 Articles of Religion defines our position on matters theological.' --

Odds and Ends
Kings, Queens, Archbishops, and Bishops of the United Kingdom. This large table, lush with information, lists every person who has been king or queen or archbishop, and lists the bishops of some important and older dioceses, since the beginning of Christianity in the British Isles. -- (It is part of the GENUKI project, Genealogy for the UK and Ireland. --

Theological Issues
Scholarly Engagement with Anglican Doctrine (SEAD) --

UK, Ireland, Scotland, and Europe
English parishes
Byfleet: St Mary (Guildford) --
Clifton: Christ Church (Bristol) --

Scottish parishes
Glasgow: Newlands, St Margaret (Glasgow) --

Church of England Net Directory: Contact information for UK-based religious organisations. It is not an official web publication of The Church of England'. --

Massachusetts: Boston, Trinity Church, Copley Square (Massachusetts)--
New Jersey: Linden, Grace (Newark) --
New Mexico: Albuquerque, St Michael and All Angels (Rio Grande) --
New York: Hewlett, Trinity-St John (Long Island) --
South Carolina: Anderson, Grace (Upper South Carolina) --
Virginia: Newport News, Grace (Southern Virginia) --

South Africa: Pretoria, Waterkloof, St Francis of Assisi --

Week of 26 September 1999

Australia and New Zealand
New Zealand Schools
Auckland: Diocesan School for Girls --

BC: Cranbrook, Christ Church --
Newfoundland: Bell Island, St Cyprian & St Mary (E Newf & Lab) --

Teens Encounter Christ, Diocese of Fredericton --

News Centre
The Times publishes its list of Top 20 Spiritual leaders; Peter Tatchell did not make the cut. A retired bishop calls for George Carey's resignation. One of the wealthiest churches in the world is looking for a new vicar. The Church of England talks about changing its position on remarriage. The Anglican Consultative Council's 11th meeting ends. Moses Tay did not attend. +Cantuar's wife cancels his subscription to the Church Times because she didn't like the mean things that Andrew Brown wrote about her husband in The Daily Mail. Archbishop Carey, still doing his job in spite of all of the noise around him, writes a nice essay carried by The Telegraph. Various news about sex. All this, and more, in the News Centre.

Anglican Religious Communities Year Book (UK) --

UK, Ireland, and Europe
English parishes
Altrincham, Cheshire: All Saints Hale Barns with Ringway (Chester) --
Chalke Deanery (Salisbury) --

South Hackney: St John of Jerusalem with Christ Church (London) --

Irish parishes
West Fermanagh: Parish of Garrison, Slavin, and Belleek --

Florida: Fort Myers, St Hilary (SE Florida) --
Florida: Vero Beach, Trinity Church (Central Florida) --
Louisiana: Baton Rouge, St Luke (Louisiana) --
South Carolina: York, Good Chepherd (Upper SC) --
New Jersey: Hackensack, Christ Church (Newark) --
New York: Brooklyn Heights, Grace Church (Long Island) --
New York: Canastota, Trinity Church (Central NY) --
New York: Elmira, Grace Church (Central NY) --
New York: New York, Heavenly Rest (New York) --
Texas: Houston (Missouri City-Sugarland) (Texas) --
Virginia: Norfolk, Good Shepherd (So Virginia) --

Japan: Diocese of Hokkaido --
Japan: Diocese of Yokohama --
The Sudan: Diocese of Rokon --

Parishes and Cathedrals
Japan: Sapporo, St Nicholas (Hokkaido) --

Japan: Christ's Cathedral at Kawaguchi (Osaka)--
Japan: St Andrew's Cathedral (Tokyo) --

Japan: Provincial office --

Teens Encounter Christ, Diocese of Fredericton --

Anglican Youth Network in Japan --

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