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Hallo again to all.

The Thanksgiving holiday, celebrated primarily in North America, is like no other. It has religious overtones, but it is a holiday chartered to offer thanks for the harvest, without always being specific about the recipient of those thanks. We Christians in North America thank God for the good harvest we find at our supermarkets, but the day has a deeper spirituality to it for most of us. In Canada, since 1957 Thanksgiving Day has been celebrated the second Monday in October, which is now, and our Canadian friends are celebrating today, Sunday. Usually the celebration involves eating too much food around a big table with family and friends; Monday is then a day of digestion and inaction. Happy Thanksgiving, O Canadian brothers and sisters.

You may recall that when England was having a Synod, there were baskets full of news releases before it and during it, but precious little actual news. Now it's Australia's turn to have a Synod. Numerous dioceses are having Synods, you will find some mention of the goings-on in our News Centre. Having a Synod isn't exactly like having a cold, because Synods do come back regularly, but many of the people that we've talked to say that a Synod and a cold leave many people feeling about the same.

We sometimes raise our eyebrows at the word "synod" because it is so utterly unrelated to modern life outside the church. Churches have doors and windows and telephones; so do prisons and supermarkets. Well, prisons don't have doors. But only churches have synods. The word "synod" comes from the same Greek root that gives us synergy, syncopate, synchronize, and synecdoche; it means ‘together’. The Diocese of Canberra and Goulburn has put together a nice summary of the synod concept and of their synod. We've made a local copy of it here at AO because the wire to Australia is sometimes very busy.

This week we welcome to our listings the Diocese of Qu'Appelle and its cathedral, Christ Church Cathedral in Vancouver, a dozen or so new parishes around the world, one Anglican school in Australia, and the Lebanese Evangelical School for the Blind. You'll find all of the links on our New This Week page. The web site for St Gregory's Abbey in Three Rivers, Michigan, one of the best-known Benedictine abbeys in the US, had gone missing for a while, but it is reborn at a new location. Welcome back.

The Church of the Good Shepherd in the Diocese of Taiwan has provided on its "links" page a set of links related to the devastating earthquake in Taiwan. Even if you cannot afford to help, you should read, and say out loud at least once, one of the "Prayers After Earthquakes" that can be found there.

The web is new enough that almost all of the announcements to date have been "announcing our new web site." We at Anglicans Online have started to get, for the first time, low-key letters announcing that a web site is going to be taken down. And sometimes they just disappear without anyone telling us. We do put quite a lot of work into keeping our links current, though ultimately we rely on you, our readers, to tell us when some link seems no longer to work. When we are reasonably certain that a web site is gone, we move the listing to our new "Gone Missing" section. The real purpose of this section is to be a target for our AO Search, so that if you are looking for something, you will get a statement that it is gone, rather than just failure to find it.

For some reason that sounds to us like a segue into our final topic this week. We were told of a new web site for the ECUSA Church Deployment Office, but they charge money to access it. We don't list sites without first reading them over, so we can't list this one. The Anglican Church of Canada web site has a small new section that lists available clergy jobs. We suspect that the ECUSA page might have more jobs listed. But we doubt it would have any jobs outside the USA, and it costs money, so we'd rather steer you to the free Canadian deployment page.

One of our sources in the UK says that Paul Handley, the editor of the Church Times, bakes wonderful bread. Paul, if Chicken Little is in fact right, and our church is dying of schism, you can always get a satisfying job as a baker. There was no "Editor's Tale" in the Canterbury Tales, was there?

See you next week.

Cynthia McFarland
  Brian Reid

Last updated: 10 October 1999