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Hallo again to all.

It's quite difficult to focus on much this week other than the astonishing news from the Diocese of Sydney, whose synod has given assent to lay persons presiding at celebrations of the Eucharist. No doubt all of us who have heard that news are still brooding about its implications; we certainly are, here at Anglicans Online. You'll find all the key links in our News Centre.

As usual, we feature several new parish sites from around the world, Australia, Canada, England, the States all being represented, and the links are in New This Week.

Don't miss 'Churches Ad Hoc', whimsical photos of various churches in the States, coupled with pithy captions. We found ourselves drawn to Carpal Diem (groan, if you will), a feeling we've often had on Sundays night after 10 hours or so of steady Anglicans-Online typing. These photographs, all images of real churches built by real Christians, reinforce our faith that "when two or three are gathered together in his Name thou wilt be in the midst of them."

In December Anglicans Online celebrate five years on the Web, making us one of the oldest sites around. The current editorial staff has been on the job for about half of that five years. We're pondering a number of things to mark that milestone: a possible site redesign, a survey (we trust it will be brief and untedious) where we ask you what sorts of things you'd like to see at AO; a guest book, where you can comment about AO and what it means to you (and we certainly hope it means something good); and a number of yet-to-be-determined celebratory bits.

In this often bewildering world at the end of the century and millennium, we're determined to keep Anglicans Online a place where you can find respite from the partisan (yet with links to every corner of it). We take as high praise this comment about AO from a recent email: 'Who would have thought that being an Anglican in these troubled times could be so exhilaratingly fun?' If we've succeeded at nothing else these last few years, we're happy we've communicated that possibility.

Have you ever browsed through our extensive Resources collection? Why don't you stop and look through one of the old editions of the Book of Common Prayer, or find the web site for Wippell's, where many clergy buy their vestments, or look for advice about leading intercessions in church. We all love browsing in bookstores and old libraries. Anglicans Online can't offer you the smell of mildew or bookbinder's glue, but we can offer you the largest high-quality Anglican-focused resource collection in the world. If you smell anything, it's probably your hard drive burning up (you do make regular backups of your disk, don't you?) or the lilies in the vase on your desk.

We'll try to stop browsing the resources long enough to get next week's edition out on schedule, as usual. See you next week.

Cynthia McFarland
  Brian Reid

Last updated: 24 October 1999