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This page last updated 7 November 1999
Anglicans Online last updated 7 November 1999

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Week of 7 November 1999

Books, etc.
The '100 Best Spiritual Books of the Century', as Harper Collins sees it --

Manitoba: Winnipeg, St Bartholomew (Rupertsland) --

KAIROS-L, a mailing list for ecumenically minded gay, lesbian, and bisexual Christians. It is a continuation of the list --

ViaMedia, an email community for Episcopalians/Anglicans, their friends and families, and others interested in Anglican life and faith. Members of the list have a vision of an inclusive church where all are welcomed and invited to fully participate in the life, worship, work, and witness of this branch of the Christian faith regardless of their gender, status, race, or sexual orientation. --

Music from the Merbecke 1550 BCP Noted: MP3 audio files and scores in PDF format for Merbecke's 1550 Booke of Common Praire Noted. From a performance by the Virginia Theological Seminary Motet Choir at a service commemorating the 450th anniversary of the BCP. --

News Centre
Australia votes. English priests lured to frozen wasteland. Forward in, uh, Rome. Sir William van Straubenzee is dead (no, alas, we hadn't heard of him either). A British priest proposes genetic engineering to rid the world of homosexuals, and we have a little fun with the concept. Ruth Gledhill visits a beautiful church that is not a cyberanything. The Church of England suggests that indoor plumbing is a good idea and recommends that churches start using it. New bishops elected in Northern Indiana, Calgary, and Egypt. Michael Ingham and Moses Tay go another round. More monks and nuns sought for parish churches. Bishop of Liverpool asks why the church is so kind to the press. Church of England is having a synod. Sydney Morning Herald carries Telegraph story about the Mystery Worshipper. Church of England to lose more than one-third of its seats in the House of Lords, and has asked President Eisenhower if the US can offer any help with this problem. Folks, it's a great News Centre this week: something to astound everyone.

UK, Ireland, Scotland, and Europe
Nailsea: Holy Trinity (Bath and Wells) --

Connecticut: Milton, Trinity (Connecticut) --
Illinois: Hinsdale, Grace (Chicago) --
New York: Brooklyn, Christ Church Cobble Hill (Long Island) --
New York: New York, St Peter (New York) --
South Carolina: Sullivan's Island, Holy Cross (South Carolina) --

Diocese of Georgia --

Anglican Youth Network in Japan -- In English: In Japanese:

Nippon Sei Ko Kai Youth Assembly 2000 (25-28 August 2000) -- In Japanese only: NSKK Youth Assembly 2000 will be held at the YMCA Center in Nobeyama Highlands, Nagano Prefecture, Japan.

Week of 31 October 1999

Books, Magazines, etc.
Ex Animo: A web magazine of Christian interest, with articles, poetry, and a message board. The webmaster invites contributions. --

The Christ Path, 'The Ezine of Christian Mystics, Traditional and Contemporary': Published monthly, with a theme each month. Attractively designed and written, and noticed by USA Today as a top site. November's focus is female mystics. (We particularly enjoyed the webmaster's essay The Internet Mystic.) --

Alberta: Red Deer, St Luke (Calgary) --

LOFT Community Services: Formerly known as 'Anglican Houses', LOFT serves the homeless and those with special needs in the Diocese of Toronto through housing, outreach and support services. --

London, England: 3 November 1999
'2,000 Years since Jesus Wasn't Born': A public debate at the Darwin Lecture Theatre, University College, Gower Street, London, Wednesday, 3 November 1999 at 7pm. With Timothy Freke and Peter Gandy, 'authors of the controversial UK bestseller The Jesus Mysteries: Was the Original Jesus a Pagan God? and guest speakers Professors George Wells of University College and Birkbeckand Alvar Ellegard of the University of Goteborg, Sweden'. The debate to be chaired by Roger Bolton of Channel 4 'Right to Reply' and BBC Radio 4 'The Sunday Programme'. Tickets 1.50 available on the door or from Waterstones, 82 Gower Street.

News Centre
ABC asks for release of Pinochet. U2's Bono likes the way King David rocks. Buy your way in to Lambeth Palace. Reflections and letters on being a woman in Sydney. African bishop visits Arkansas. Bishop Appleyard dies. Archbishop Holloway announces he will retire. ABC comes out against lay presidency. All this, and more, in the News Centre.

Theological Resources
Anglican and Roman Catholic International Commission: key documents. A parish priest in the Anglican Church of Canada has scanned in several key documents that have issued from ARCIC through the years, including the Canterbury Statement (1973) and the Venice Statement (1976). A wonderful resource to have online. --

'Connecting with the post-Boomer generations: a guide to our postmodern context for mainline Christians (Episcopalians especially)'. --

Heresy versus Schism: A reflection by an Episcopal priest, the Reverend Pierre Whalon, on which is better, and why. -- http://anglicansonline/special/Whalononheresy.html

UK, Ireland, Scotland, and Europe
English parishes
Farnborough: Farnborough Church for Deaf People, based at the Church of the Good Shepherd. (Guildford) The webmaster notes: 'A Church for all hearing and hearing-impaired people'.--

St Helier, Morden: St Peter's with Bishop Andrewes (Southwark) --

Welsh parishes
Monmouth (and nearby): The Parishes of Overmonnow with Mitchel Troy and Wonastow (Monmouth). Quite advanced HTML; you might especially enjoy a visit if you have a 4.0+ browser with Javascript enabled. --

The National Society (Church of England) for Promoting Religious Education: A charity established in 1811 by Royal Charter (King George III), which established Church of England schools throughout the country. Good resources and information. --


Fond du Lac --

Georgia: Decatur, Holy Trinity (Atlanta) --
Indiana: Carmel, St Christopher (Indianapolis) --
Nebraska: Bellevue, Holy Spirit (Nebraska) --
New York: Manhattan, Grace (New York) --
Ohio: Dublin, St Patrick (Southern Ohio) --
Wisconsin: Janesville, Trinity (Milwaukee) --

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