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Hallo again to all. It's a rich week for new web sites. We begin with one that will interest many Anglicans, the Common Worship web site, described thus: 'As the worldwide Church looks to celebrate the 2000th anniversary of the birth of Jesus Christ, the Church of England will be taking a major step forward through the publication of a new generation of worship material, a revision of its forms of service, entitled Common Worship'.

We are delighted to receive new parish web sites each week, and we generally note their names and locations and send you off to them. But this week, in New This Week, we give you the self-description of Balla-Girrawheen, Church of the Good Shepherd, in the Diocese of Perth in Australia, because this small church is managing to do so much. And we know this is true of so many of our parishes: so true, and easy to forget.

For some the prospect will be horrifying: a comic-book Bible? A serious attempt is under way by some top designers and a panel of clergy (one a priest in ECUSA) to create just that. They invite your comments on the idea, and the web site includes a wealth of sketches.

Most everyone agrees that finding ways to attract Generations X and Y into the church is, well, difficult. The Episcopal Church in the USA, partnering with the Diocese of Maryland, is tackling this in a conference called 'GenNeXt and The Church: Virtual Faith and Spiritual Hunger'. And some young people in Bradford, England, have set about to draw young people in: have a look at their efforts.

The BBC World Service has a series of RealAudio clips that discuss the basics of Christianity, 'What Do Christians Believe?' Although no-denominational, there is a gentle Anglican flavour to many of the mini-lectures. Much of what one finds on the web as audio clips is sparse and not substantive. These clips from the BBC are the real thing, and sound every bit as good as the BBC World Service sounds on a shortwave radio.

And the link that gave me a good laugh on a cold Northern Hemisphere November evening: Virginia Theological Seminary's Class of 2000 'Create a New Testament Exegesis Paper in One Minute'.

Do you sometimes tire, as we do, of the ubiquitous Myers-Briggs references everywhere in the church? If so, have a look at 'Myers-Briggs Corrective Pills', and consider ordering some for your favourite relentless J.

The Anglican world generated a lot of news last week and seems to be taking a rest this week. If nothing else, do read the story in the News Centre about the Diocese of Mombasa in Kenya voting to ordain women.

Do tell us if you like these little graphics in our letter. And see you next week.

Cynthia McFarland
  Brian Reid

Last updated: 14 November 1999