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Hallo again to all on the Advent Sunday, 1999. This week finds a wealth of interesting, well-designed, and informative parishA details of a carving at Canterbury Cathedral. web sites. Oh, and one cathedral that has, at last, an official web site: the Cathedral and Metropolitical Church of Christ Canterbury.

A child's drawing of Kendal parish church in England.In no particular order, we bring to your attention some of the parish sites we enjoyed visiting: Kendal Parish Church, in England's lovely Lake District, comes as near to a model parish web site as we've seen. (In fact, the webmaster has posted the objectives of the site, and what a jolly good idea this is.) Don't miss the page that highlights a few entries from an early register, e.g.: '1609, Aprill 15.- Willm. flattershy, servt. to Allan Gilpin of Hiegt., slaine with lightning'. Staying in England, 'St Ed's', Roundhay has much of interest--the section with articles from the parish magazine included, An historic watercolour of St George's parish, Halifax, Nova Scotia. amongst other things, a child's-eye view of tea at No 10 Downing Street.

The Parish of Saint George in Halifax, Nova Scotia, is about to celebrate its 200th anniversary--and part of that parish includes the historic 'Round Church', seen here on the left in the small watercolour drawing. The oddly The historic highway marker for Hickory Neck Church in Virginia, USA.named Hickory Neck Episcopal Church in Virginia is a very old church for the States, with origins that date to the mid-seventeenth century. In South Australia, St Agnes Church, Grange, in the Diocese of Adelaide caught our eye with its spare and sensible A small sketch of St Agnes Anglican Church, Grange, South Australia.web site design. The site includes a helpful 'planning your wedding' page, something that surely other parishes would find useful to add. May as well clue family in now about your video and camera policies...

The Church Army in Canada has a web site, and if you don't know what the CA is, you might like to pay a visit. (Many may not realise The Church Army in Canada logo; a maple leaf with a crown and cross. that Terry Waite was a lay minister in the Church Army in England.) There's a good overview of the 20 years of history of CA in Canada, and links to other CA web sites round the world.

A blessed Advent to all. No matter how trying things sometimes seem now and then for our beloved Anglican Communion, remember:

Ring the bells that still can ring
Forget your perfect offering
There is a crack in everything
That's how the light gets in.*

See you next week.

*Leonard Cohen, Anthem

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