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Hallo again to all.

'What the ek?' Simon Samriento's report on the General Synod debate.The Church of England's most recent General Synod concluded a few weeks ago, and one of the most interesting and most important issues considered was a phrase in the Nicene Creed. Have a look at a report by AO's own Simon Sarmiento on just how much difference a two-letter Greek preposition can make.

An illustration from salon.com for their article on the Grove Press Bible.Grove Press recently published its 'hip, new' edition of the Bible called 'Pocket Canons' and the well-regarded eZine Salon.com takes a hard look at the results in an in-depth article. If you want to join in a discussion of the success (of failure) of the version, you can do so at the Salon site. The coat of arms for Trinity College, Melbournse.

If you'd like to join in more structured and formal theological discussion, you might consider one of the online courses offered by Trinity College Theological School (Melbourne). The faculty is impressive and the courses most interesting.

We were honoured to have excerpts of Brian Reid's tract 'The Church and the Internet' featured in this week's (paper) edition of the The cover of 'The Church and the Internet'.Church Times. If you've not had a chance to read it, you might like to have a look at our News Editor's take on the most critical issues facing the church as it grapples with the enormous impact the Internet is making (and will make).

Two Saturdays ago, National Public Radio's (USA) Scott Simon offered a brief tribute to the Book of Common Prayer, tying it in to the American Thanksgiving holiday. At about three minutes in length, a free RealAudio player will let you listen in.

Happily as usual, we delight in publicising several new parish web sites. And we continue to note the rise of Anglican rock groups: this time, Elpis (Greek: 'hope'), from Japan, whose web site is only in Japanese. All the new sites are gathered together in our New This Week section.

See you next week.

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