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The Archbishop BearHallo again to all as we draw closer to Christmas. Our New This Week roster is perhaps the largest it's ever been, so if you'd like a quick skim of our latest listings, head there. We have new parish listings, new cathedral listings, a new online bookstore, new event announcements, a truly amazing Anglican Gradual and Sacramentary, and a chock-a-block News Centre.

Most sensible people have done their Christmas shopping, but if you're not sensible, do see the famous top 12 gifts chosen by our friends at Ship of Fools. (Including one we'd love but probably won't receive ...)

Can't find that elusive clergyman to whom you want to snail-mail What you see when you dial in to Crockford's.Christmas greetings? The Church of England, long served by the trusty Crockford's Clerical Directory, has for some time offered a dial-in Internet bulletin board with the latest listings. If you've not experienced one of these (common before the Web got going) you might find the experience, um, unique. Once connected you can retrieve a host of clerical information. (Full information is kindly made available by the Diocese of Peterborough.) Sound too formidable? Perhaps you'll want to purchase the paper Crockford.

The cover of the Rite Song CD.We note that Church Publishing, the ECUSA printing arm (not a technical description) now offers an online bookshop and ordering. Their newest CD (the tediously titled 'The Rite Song') offers complete music and words for all ECUSA-sanctioned hymnals.

The winning artwork for Jesus 2000.Did you miss a children's Christmas pageant in your own parish? If so, you can experience one, scene by scene, put on by a small parish in Ontario, Canada. We were quite taken with a pageant on the web. Your AO News Centre editor spent many years as the director of the children's Christmas pageant in his parish, and he really appreciates the amount of work that goes into something like this. (Script quality matters, too.)

A statue from the shrine of Walsingham.Some of you will recall hearing about or reading that the National Catholic Reporter (a USA Roman Catholic magazine) sponsored a worldwide art competition, to solicit works portraying 'Jesus 2000'. The top four works have been chosen, and you might find it interesting to see the image judged to be in first place--and why.

Walsingham, long a place of pilgrimage in England, now has an official web site, jointly sponsored by the Anglican and Roman Communions, both of whom have a claim to this hallowed place.

The choir of the chapel of King's College Cambridge will be offering their service of Nine Lessons and Carols on Christmas Eve. You can find full details, including the programme, here, including what you need to know to listen on the Net.

We are approaching the fifth anniversary of the founding of Anglicans Online. We promise that we won't build a dome to celebrate, nor will we release our own brand of electric power generator, but we might do something light-hearted. Watch this space.

We wish a Happy Christmas to all our friends round the world: love, light, grace, and peace to each of you as you celebrate the nativity of our Saviour's birth.

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