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This page last updated 19 December 1999
Anglicans Online last updated 19 December 1999

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Week of 19 December 1999

Advent and Christmas Resources
Our page of Advent links.

'An American Christmas': A telly programme to be aired in the States on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day: 'The traditional story of Christmas from the Gospel accounts, but also explores the meaning of the holiday from the perspective of questioning children. Energetic music and short documentary vignettes show celebrations of Christmas from different spiritual, cultural and social backgrounds in North America--small rural towns and big cities; children and adults; African American, European American, Latino/Latina, Greek Orthodox'. A companion web site offers additional resources and study materials, and RealAudio and RealVideo clips. --

'Blue Christmas': 'Christmas time can be a very lonely, depressing, "blue" time for those grieving the loss of loved ones or other losses or for those who are all alone when others are partying and gathering with family members. Several parishes in the Diocese of Ottawa have over the past few years been offering a service in the week before Christmas for those who "just can't celebrate Christmas this year"'. On the diocesan web site you'll find two quite different orders of service. --

'Slightly more than two millennia ago, in the night sky over a small hill town south of Jerusalem, something happened, or didn't, and whatever it was, or wasn't, was an honest-to-God miracle, or a naturally occurring astronomical phenomenon, or neither, or both. Discuss'. Thus begins the Lingua Franca review of two new books on the Star of Bethelem. Well worth reading. --

Church Publishing Incorporated (ECUSA) now have an online bookstore: conveneient for ordering hymnals, clerical directories, etc. --

Ontario: Kincardine area, Circle of Faith Parish (Huron)--
Ontario: Marathon (North Shore), Trinity (Algoma)--
Ontario, East Gwillumbury, the Parish of Sharon and Holland Landing (Toronto) --
Ontario: Pickering, St Martin's, Bay Ridges (Toronto) --
Ottawa: Leitrim (Ottawa), St James (Ottawa)--
Newfoundland: Bay Roberts, Parish of Bay Roberts and Coley's Point (Eastern Newfoundland and Labrador) --

London: Spring 2000, Programme for Modern Religious History Seminar All welcome. Mondays at 5.15 in the Ecclesiastical History Room, IHR, Senate House, followed by drink and an informal meal. More information: Arthur Burns, Lecturer in Modern British History, King's College London, Tel: +171-848-1087; email

10 January 2000 Kester Aspden (Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge): The English Catholic Bishops and Politics 1903-43

24 January 2000 Keith Edghill (University College London): Early 19th Century Christian Pacifists and the Concept of Defensive War

7 February 2000 Nigel Aston (University of Luton) Popery, philosophes and politics: evolving Anglican perspectives on Gallicanism, 1740-90

21 February 2000 Erik Sidenvall (University of Lund): Newspaper anti-Catholicism: the English Conservative press and John Henry Newman's conversion, 1845-1846

California: Pasadena, 23-25 March 2000: The Society of Christian Philosophers Conference at Fuller Theological Seminary. -- (For more info about the SCP see

Maryland: Baltimore, 25 March 2000, a day conference on the latest ARCIC document: 'The Gift of Authority': Gift or Gift Horse? --

Oregon: Corvallis (Oregon State University), 11-12 February 2000: 'God at 2000'. Seven internationally-known speakers, including Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Karen Armstrong, and Marcus Borg, will discuss 'How I see God' during the nationally-televised symposium. --

'The Church and the Internet', Brian Reid's tract on key issues facing the church as the Internet becomes a predominant source of information.

'An Anglican Gradual and Sacramentary': Read about David Allen White's nine-year labour of love and how you can share in it.

News Centre
Much grumbling about the Millennium dome, and this is nearly our last week to giggle about it. Bishop of Wakefield writes in The Times, and Bishop of Worcester writes in his own defence in the Church Times; that against which he is defending is also covered in the CT. English fire brigades on alert over millennium candles. England says "no" to Scotland about the Act of Settlement (no Catholic royalty). The ABC releases his Christmas message and the CCB releases a teddy bear in his image. Surveys reveal that Britain is largely a pagan nation. The Diocese in Europe on technology; Frank Griswold meets with the Pope; a Church of England vicar opens a charismatic parish. ECUSA reports on a conference of black Episcopalians; Attila the Nun reaching the end of her chain. The Millennium pilgrimage is not lost. All this, and more, in the News Centre.

Not in Communion 'Your complete guide to the world of Autocephalous churches' --, including a very comprehensive collection of links to denominations and dioceses. --

Odds and Ends
The Face of Jesus 2000: The image that won top place in the worldwide art competition sponsored by the National Catholic Reporter. The competition solicited artists to develop works with their impressions of Our Lord. The judge was Sr Wendy Beckett. --

'Women of the Bible': A one-woman show from a noted actress that 'features visits from Biblical women who tell their stories and carry messages across the generations to empower people in their day-to-day living'. The creator and actress notes that: 'Women of the Bible' is being enthusiastically received by congregations, women's groups, Christian schools, seniors groups and the like'. --

UK, Ireland, Scotland, and Europe
Parishes (England)
London: St Mary of Eton (London)--
Oxford: St Clement (Oxford)--

Parishes (Ireland)
Donaghpatrick, St Patrick (Meath) --

Walsingham: Official site (jointly sponsored by the Anglican and Roman Communions, with information for each area) --

Alabama: Albertville, Christ Church (Alabama)--
Alabama: Opelika, Emmanuel (Alabama)--
Alabama: Trussville, Holy Cross (Alabama)--
Alabama: Tuscaloosa, St Matthias (Alabama)--
Alaska: Fairbanks, St Matthew (Alabama)--
Alaska: Ketchikan, St John (Alabama)--
Alaska: Nenana, St Mark (Alabama)--
Alaska: Wrangell, St Philip (Alabama)--
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Louisiana: New Orleans, St Philip (Louisiana) --
Rhode Island: Newport, Trinity (Rhode Island)--

Arkansas: Little Rock, Trinity Cathedral (Diocese of Arkansas) --
Pennsylvania: Pittsburgh, Trinity Cathedral (Diocese of Pittsburgh) --

Singapore: Yishun Christian Church Anglican --

West Indies: Barbados, St Cyprian (Barbados) --

Week of 12 December 1999

Oregon: Corvallis (Oregon State University), 11-12 February 2000: 'God at 2000'. 'Seven internationally-known speakers, including Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Karen Armstrong, and Marcus Borg, will discuss "How I see God" during the nationally-televised symposium. --

News Centre
Australian Roman Catholics find a way to provide computers to their flock. An English charity is taking heat for discrimination. The English people are found to be among the least religious in the world. (Luckily for us in the News Centre their newspapers are still full of news about religion). The Church in Wales gets a new leader. Astronomers think they know which star was seen in Bethlehem. Canberra and Goulburn no longer have to search for a bishop. English clergy being abused; Scottish clergy being unsuccessfully bribed. A nativity play with handguns. A pop musician spends his money to tell people that God is not religious. Political correctness reaches The Faith Zone just as James Bond reaches the Millennium Dome. All this, and more, in the News Centre.

Seasonal Resources
Our page of Advent links. Please let us know if you find others we should list.

UK, Ireland, Scotland, and Europe
England: Alsager, Christ Church (Chester) --
England: Shorne, near Gravesend. St Peter and St Paul (Rochester) -

Switzerland: Lugano, St Edward The Confessor (Europe) --

British Region International Ecumenical Fellowship --

New York: Brooklyn, Calvary and St Cyprian (Long Island) --
New York: Brooklyn, Holy Apostles (Long Island) --
New York: Brooklyn, St John's Episcopal Hospital Chapel (Long Island) --
New York: Douglaston, Zion (Long Island) --
New York: Hampton Bays, St Mary (Long Island)--
New York: Hempstead, St George (Long Island) --
New York: Shelter Island, St Mary (Long Island) --
New York: Stony Brook, All Souls (Long Island) --
New York: Syosset, St Bede (Long Island) --

Virginia: Alexandria, Immanuel Church-on-the-Hill (Virginia) --
Virginia: Arlington, St John (Virginia)--
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