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Hallo again to all.

Sometimes we use this space to offer an opinion about things in the Anglican Communion; other times we see no need, and use the space to talk about comings and goings and doings in the church we love. We're reminded of a favourite sign in a church building: 'St Peter's Church Meets Here'. The church is the people, not the buildings or the synod. You know that. Knowing that is part of what makes you an Anglican. We watch while various groups within the church argue over who gets the church buildings in case of a split. What do you suppose would happen if every Anglican congregation met in a car park ('parking lot', if you will) for a few weeks?

We're delighted at the well-balanced roster of new parishes listed in our New This Week section: Australia, Canada, England, Ireland, Taiwan, Wales, and the States all have new parish web sites. And we note this week our first listing of basic parish information downloadable from the web especially for mobile WAP devices such as handheld organisers or phones.

St Helen Bishopgate, LondonSt Helen Bishopgate in London has an especially well-designed, informative web site that we enjoyed visiting. The parish made a remarkable recovery in spirit and in stone after the effects of two devastating bomb blasts in 1992 and 1993. See their web pages for the full story.

We have recently instituted a 'Forum' section, in which we publish a certain amount of dialogue. It is not quite a Letters to the Editor section, as we look for contributions more substantive than most letters. Rather than having us explain it, please see our Forum pages for the Reverend Tony Clavier's reply to Ronald Young's response to his original article on ECUSA's General Convention and synodical government. The article-response-reply will make sense once you read the series.

We recently inaugurated a new Professional Exchanges page and now have three listings. If you are a member of the staff of an Anglican or Episcopal parish and would like to swap positions with your counterpart in another church in the communion, let us know of your interest. You'll find instructions on that page.

Central New York diocesan profileThere is probably no more difficult calling than being a bishop at this time in the life of the church. As we are aware of them, we bring to your attention episcopal vacancies that are filled by election rather than appointment, and we note that two ECUSA dioceses are currently searching for bishops: Central Gulf Coast and Central New York. The latter is of peculiar interest to one of your editors, as she lives within its boundaries and was involved in the creation of what in ECUSA is called 'the diocesan profile'. The CNY profile is in PDF format; the CGC profile pages seem to be on the web only in GIF form.

One of the privileges of overseeing Anglicans Online is the many emails we receive each week from across the Anglican Communion. We were delighted at a recent email from South Africa and, with the permission of the writer, we share a slightly-edited version:

You are my favourite publication! It is such a pleasure to be able to read balanced reporting. (When you realise that I have lived in apartheid South Africa for 48 of my 52 years you understand how much I value that.)

I have often intended to write to you in the year or so that I have been reading AO, but a recent editorial comment on the Great North/South Schism is a triumph of common sense which demands comment—and THANKS! In my life you have become OFFICIAL: The Official Site To Find Out What Is Really Happening In The Anglican Communion! (I wish that made a good acronym!)

I am an ordinary Christian, mother, grandmother, and administrator in a small business. Also a Lay Minister in a small (80 families) semi-rural community, Anglican church. We are about 30 km south of Johannesburg in South Africa.

Thank you again for all your hard work—it is much appreciated in this very small part of Anglicanism where I am most grateful to be.

We will work hard to be considered the 'favourite publication' of all our readers. Do let us know how we're doing, what you like, what you don't, what we can do better.

See you next week.

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Cynthia McFarland
  Brian Reid

Last updated: 17 September 2000