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This page last updated 5 May 2001
Anglicans Online last updated 20 August 2000

What's New This Week

ALL THE NEW URLS we receive each week are here. We list two (sometimes three) weeks' worth, cycling the old ones off each week. As they disappear from this page, you'll find the links moved to their natural home categories in our resource pages.

If you can't find something that was once here, you can look in our archives or try the AO search engine. It searches our entire site, and it can also search all of the sites that we link to.

Week of 18 March 2001

Biblical Resources
A list of online Bibles: Quite an amazing number, in a wide assortment of languages. --

British Columbia: Summerland, St Stephen (Kootenay) --

Educational resources
Regent College: The person submitting this site writes 'Regent College is a graduate school, dedicated to prepare women and men for ministry in the church. Though their doctrinal distinctives fall more to the evangelical side of the pendulum, they have a strong Anglican Studies program (such Anglican Theologians like J.I. Packer have taught there). This is a wonderful school for women and men who wish to pursue their Master of Divinity program in an atmosphere that emphasizes the orthodoxy of the Christian faith'. --

Alvechurch, St Laurence (Worcester) --
Basingstoke, All Saints (Winchester) --
North Hull, St Michael (York) --
Wollaston, St Mary's Wollaston with St Romwald's Strixton (Peterborough) --

Burrswood: A Christian centre for healthcare and ministry near Tunbridge Wells, with an Anglican history and emphasis. --
Derby Diocesan Board of Education: A comprehensive web site for schools and parishes. --

Episcopal elections
If your diocese is seeking nominations or in the process of electing a bishop (and has information on the web), let us know.

At nomination stage
The Diocese of Central New York has just announced the candidates for its tenth bishop. Election: 1-2 June --

The Diocese of Atlanta announced candidate information for its ninth bishop a few weeks ago. Election: 31 March --

The Diocese of West Tennessee posted information on the web some time ago about the candidates for its third bishop. Election: 29 March --

The Diocese of Western Michigan is seeking nominations, until 31 March, for its next bishop. See the link from the diocesan web site:


Rector of country parish near Colchester, UK, seeks sabbatical exchange to Perth, Western Australia from August to September 2001 for 12 months (negotiable). Two village churches with friendly congregations in beautiful Constable country. Good study and touring base for London, Cambridge, Harwich (ferries to Holland and Denmark) and London-Stansted airport. Modern 4 bedroom Rectory, good village primary school in walking distance, buses to secondary schools, and University of Essex 15 minutes by car. For more parish info visit If you are interested please email the Rev'd John Cardell-Oliver:


New Zealand
Rangatahi Online: Youth of the Maori Anglican Church in Aotearoa / New Zealand --

News Centre
Canterbury to ask Rome for 'one body, one bread'. Sydney bids farewell to archbishop. Sacked organist settles. Oldest stained-glass windows back in their frames. Reflection of the sport of statue smashing. Big growth for small parishes. Kanuga wrap-up. More on foot and mouth disease. South African bishop volunteers for AIDS test. Priest in Zimbabwe writes exposé. Pastoral letter to US Episcopal Church. On the causes of the disease outbreak. Bishop accused of not being a bishop, and of arms smuggling. Canadian church releases plan for solving big problem; almost no one notices. Two obituaries. Two arguments about churches and radio masts. Two arguments about unsingable hymns. Study of religion in USA. British survey of young Christians. All this, and more, in the News Centre.

Alabama: Selma, St Paul (Alabama) --
(Note: The navigation buttons don't work when using IE5 with a Macintosh computer. We've found this to be the case always with predesigned templates, alas.)
California: San Pedro, St Peter (Los Angeles) --
Illinois: Grayslake, St Andrew (Chicago) --
Kentucky: Louisville, St Andrew (Kentucky) --
New York: Pelham, Christ the Redeemer (New York) --
Rhode Island: Naragansett, St Peter's-by-the-Sea (Rhode Island) --
Washington, DC: St Thomas (Washington) --

Diocese of Milwaukee: All Saints' Cathedral, Milwaukee, Wisconsin --

Historical Society of the Episcopal Church: 'Founded in 1910 in Philadelphia, the Historical Society of the Episcopal Church furthers understanding of church history through research, conferences, archival preservation programs, and publication. The Society is a voluntary organization for people who are engaged in researching and preserving church history and for those who enjoy reading that history'. --

Juliet Hemingray Church Textiles: Original designs for vestments and banners, all made by hand; some are hand-painted.--

Worth Noting
A new book The Geometry of Love by Margaret Visser, reviewed in The Independent by Paul Handley. He writes 'Margaret Visser—historian and anthropologist, Roman Catholic and traveller—knows churches and church guidebooks. Fascination with the first and exasperation with the second prompted her to start this project: a detailed description of a single church, and of the faith that has shaped it down the centuries.'

Week of 11 March 2001

Biblical study
Pisidian Antioch: A site devoted to Antioch, the ancient site of St Paul's first sermon. Good information on the current state of archaeological excavation, photos, and links. --

Badger's Quay-Pool's Island: Parish Church (Central Newfoundland) -- (Note: As far as we know, this is the first parish on the web in this diocese.)

Brampton, St Thomas (Derby) --
Duffield, St Alkmund (Derby) --
Liverpool, St Agnes and St Pancras (Liverpool) --
Salfords, Christ the King (Southwark) -- Page.htm
Weston, St Peter (Peterborough) --


News for Churches from the Conservative Christian Fellowship: 'Prepared by the Conservative Christian Fellowship to help churchgoers learn more about the renewed Conservative Party'.--

Episcopal vacancies
The Diocese of Western Michigan is seeking nominations, until 31 March, for its next bishop. See the link from the diocesan web site:

Scotland: Edinburgh, University of St Andrews, 26-27 March 2001

Tranfiguring Flesh: A colloquium organised by the Institute for Theology Imagination and the Arts
'Theological reflection has left an indelible mark upon the Western imagination and its art. Creeds and confessions have "taken flesh" as they have been explored by writers, artists, poets, and musicians. Theology however, has often been a reluctant partner in this dialogue. One of the core convictions of the Institute is that despite this reluctance, genuine conversation between Theology, Imagination, and the Arts is possible--indeed, essential. Just as the arts and the imagination have been animated and enriched by theological reflection, so may the theological enterprise be advanced through careful and scholarly engagement with the arts and the imagination'.

'I am an Anglican priest with 16 years experience and looking for an exchange to east coast of USA or UK in early 2001. I am Rector of the parish of Hervey Bay which is a three hour drive north of Brisbane and gate way to Fraser Island which is the largest sand Island in the world and world heritage listed. The climate is sub-tropical with abundant sea breezes. I have an associate who would take responsibility for parish leadership, so the person on exchange would only have Sunday duties and some mid week duties. The Rectory has five bedrooms and there is a car available. For more information send email to Reverend Mike Donaldson at'.

Lent and Easter Resources
Links to our collection of resources for Lent, Holy Week, and Easter.

News Centre
More church school debate. More on foot-and-mouth disease. Two obituaries. Medieval sex carvings restored on Lincoln Cathedral. Disestablishment update. Church relevance musing. A visit to Derby Cathedral. Why being too busy is a sin. 'Most stolen masterpiece' possibly found. Templeton prize goes to British priest. Comment on popularity in museums. Atheist to judge 'preacher of the year'. Ugandan bishop evicted. Anti-satanism in South Africa. Wrap-up of Primates' meeting in North Carolina USA. Bankrupt belltower. Lutheran bishops at Anglican event. More on mobile-phone masts. Wrap-up report on ABC's Nigeria trip. British diocese lifts remarriage ban. Lord Chancellor's report on Royal Peculiars. All this, and more, in the News Centre.

Religious Orders
The Companions of St. Luke: 'A contemporary expression of Benedictine life in the new millennium. It is rooted in the Rule of St. Benedict while allowing for flexibility for contemporary life. It is open to single and married men and women, lay and clergy, of the Episcopal Church and those who are in communion with Canterbury. Members have the option of living in community or apart. All members live a life under St. Benedict's threefold vows of: obedience, conversion of life, and stability. Individuals seeking a balanced Benedictine Religious experience between the traditions of the past and the needed flexibility of the future, are welcome to inquire'. --

North Carolina: Mooresville, St James (North Carolina) --

Turkey: Istanbul, Christ Church (Europe) --

Worth Noting
The Patron Saint of Greenies
Two new books take very different approaches to Francis of Assisi. Geoffrey Moorhouse, in the New York Times, looks at 'Salvation:
Scenes From the Life of St Francis', by Valerie Martin, and 'Francis of Assisi', by Adrian House.

Wonderwoman of the Middle Ages
A new book by Fiona Maddocks about Hildegard of Bingen. Reviewed by Peter Stanford in The Independent and by Margaret Reynolds in The Times. We are amused by the craft of the Times' headline writer. The author, Fiona Maddocks, had this to say in The Observer about her subject and her book.

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