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Hallo again to all.

Today is often called All Fools Day, but since we cannot find that feast on our ecclesiastical calendar, we shan't celebrate it. We briefly entertained the thought of doing some sort of foolishness for today's edition, such as a parody of another web site, but so many manage to parody themselves without our help. We chose instead to get some extra sleep.

In ECUSA there was a steganographic pastoral letter circulated to parishes, with instructions to each parish to 'cause it to be read in church'. We heard Fr Bruce Robison at St Andrew's Church in Pittsburgh tell his flock 'Go read it'. We think that we overheard him mutter afterwards, 'And if you can figure out what it says, please call me.' We are reminded of the quote from Woody Allen, who once told an interviewer, 'I read War and Peace. It was about Russia.'Imago Christi?

Our New This Week section, as always, lists the web sites that have been added recently to Anglicans Online. One is Christ Church in Georgetown, Guyana. We were absolutely riveted by a page that transcribed, unedited, the questions asked by Guyanese youth in the Inquirer's Class there. Click on 'At Christ Church' and you'll see it. We note with some relief that the vicar did not try to include answers to those questions, as many of them are very deep and difficult.

The News Centre contains our round-up of Anglican-related news this week. While it's not specifically Anglican and not news, we nevertheless are fascinated by the BBC's attempt, noted in the News Centre, at using forensic anthropology to reconstruct the face of Jesus. This effort is not without controversy, but even fiction can be interesting.

See you next week.

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Last updated: 1 April 2001