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This page last updated 14 December 2003
Anglicans Online last updated 20 August 2000

What's New This Week

ALL THE NEW URLS we receive each week are here. We list two (sometimes three) weeks’ worth, cycling the old ones off each week. As they disappear from this page, you'll find the links moved to their natural home categories in our resource pages.

If you can't find something that was once here, you can look in our archives or try the AO search engine. It searches our entire site, and it can also search all of the major sites to which we link.

Week of 14 December 2003

Bellevue Hill, Cranbrook School (Sydney) Male-only boarding and day school, preparatory to senior school.
Menangle Park (Campbelltown), Broughton School (Sydney) A preparatory-through-year-12 day school.

Alberta: Edmonton, St Luke (Edmonton)
Alberta: Edmonton, St Mary (Edmonton)
Alberta: Edmonton, St Matthias (Edmonton)
Ontario: Combermere, St Paul (Ottawa)
Ontario: Mt Brydges, St Jude
Ontario: Ottawa (Sandy Hill), All Saints (Ottawa)
Ontario: Ottawa, St Thomas (Ottawa)
Ontario: St George, Holy Trinity (Huron)
Saskatchewan: Christopher Lake, St Christopher (Saskatchewan)

Blackhall, St Andrew (Durham)
Burnopfield, St James (Durham)
Burton Upon Trent, St Paul (Lichfield)
Bernhard Castle, St Mary (Durham)
Chippenham, St Margaret (Ely)
Little Abbington, St Mary (Ely)
Godmanchester, St Mary the Virgin (Ely)
Great Abbington, St Mary (Ely)
Kemsing, St Mary the Virgin (Rochester)
Lobby Hill, All Saints (Durham)
Riverhead, St Mary (Rochester)
Whorlton, St Mary (Durham)

The Parting of Friends, a reflection by Cynthia McFarland on leaving her parish.

Bantry, St Brendan the Navigator (Cork, Cloyne, and Ross)
Castletownbere, St Peter (Cork, Cloyne, and Ross)
Coleraine, St Patrick and St Andrew (Connor)

Akashi, St Mary Magdalene (Kobe) Note: in Japanese only
Yonago, St Nicholas (Kobe) Note: in Japanese only

Kobe, St Michael's International School Preschool through year 5.

Letters to Anglicans Online
Have a read. Write a letter of your own to us for possible publication.

News Centre
Canada's residential schools ruling overturned in appeal. ABC to visit Middle East. On money spent by English bishops. More on church attendance. 2003 Churches Advertising Network campaign. Episcopopoly (just try to pronounce that). First female British Army chaplain to Iraq. Archbishop Carnley named to ARCIC. All this, and more, in the News Centre.

Official publications
Diocese of Vermont (monthly except August; PDF format)

Odds and Ends
Calendario Romano 2004: A Roman Catholic 'beefcake' clergy calendar we link in the interest of ecumenical relations. Surely, dear Anglicans, we should be able to do better than this. Shall we try?

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Kansas: Salina, Christ Cathedral, Western Kansas
Ohio: Cleveland, Trinity, Ohio

Florida: Largo, St Dunstan (Southwest Florida)
North Carolina: Garner, St Christopher (North Carolina)
North Carolina: Smithfield, St Paul (North Carolina)
Ohio: Chagrin Falls, St Martin (Ohio)
Ohio: Chardon, St Luke (Ohio)
Ohio: Warren, Christ Church (Ohio)
Oklahoma: Edmond, St Mary (Oklahoma)
Oklahoma: Guthrie, Trinity (Oklahoma) Note: First cathedral in Oklahoma when it became a state.
Virginia: Hampton, Emmanuel (Southern Virginia)
Virginia: Virginia Beach, Old Donation (Southern Virginia)

Vacancies Centre
Go ahead: list a parish or diocesan opening for one month at AO for free. Seeking a position? Scan vacancies on diocesan web sites throughout the communion.

Worth Noting
Blind to humanity's riches: Njabulo Ndebele, writing for the Johannesburg Sunday Times, reflects on sexuality and religion.

Cathedral Church of the Advent: Alan Freeman, writing for The Globe and Mail (Toronto) reports on religion in Nigeria and at its Anglican mother church in Abuja.

Go to work on Christmas: Digby Anderson, writing The Spectator, argues that you can avoid barbarity and blasphemy by making the Epiphany your big feast.

Hell hits back: The Guardian (London) offers an editorial on the topic of Hell, responding in part to Cardinal Murphy-O'Connor's essay in The Spectator (see above) and in part to a column in the Church Times (only in its paper edition, alas). [See below for article, 'We need to be saved'.]

Join the carol sing at the Pedants' Association. Craig Brown writes in the Spectator a humorous article to lighten whatever you're doing.

The quality of zealotry: Samuel Hazo, writing for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, argues that those who believe they hold all the answers make the most mischief.

We need to be saved: Cardinal Cormac Murphy O'Connor, leader of the Roman Catholic Church in Great Britain, writes about the reality of Hell.

Week of 7 December 2003

Advent Resources
Our collection of links for Advent and Christmas (which we ought to have linked last week, sorry).

NEW: Advent Calendar from BBC: A 2003 calendar (the earlier one remains live). Each day includes a work of art, a scriptural reading or poem by a well known actor or clergyperson, or a carol by King's College or a cathedral choir.

Anglican Lists and Web Forums
Episcopal / Anglican / Religion Community: A chat and discussion forum. Designed to be an 'open and embracing community' that asks everyone to be respectful of varied positions being discussed.

Intergridade: A web forum for gay and lesbian Anglicans / Episcopalians within the Portuguese-speaking world. The submitter says 'Although the list was created for GLBT folks who are Anglicans / Episcopalians, there are currently members from the Lutheran and Methodist Churches'.

Victoria: Fitzroy, St Mark (Melbourne)

Howard Langmead: For that next dull church meeting or when you find yourself requiring a humorous radio spot, check out this Australian priest who doubles as a comedian.

Alverdiscott, All Saints (Exeter)
Atherington, St Mary (Exeter)
Beaford, St George and All Saints (Exeter)
Heene, Worthinh, St Botolph (Chichester)
High Bickington, St Mary (Exeter)
Horwood, St Michael (Exeter)
Huntshaw, St Mary Magdalene (Exeter)
St Paul (Canterbury)
Newton Tracey, St Thomas-A-Beckett (Exeter)
Roborough, St Peter (Exeter)
St Giles, St Giles in the Wood (Exeter)
Tawstock, St Peter (Exeter)
Wellington, All Saints (Lichfield)
Yarkscombe, St Andrew (Exeter)

Episcopal Elections or Announcements
Diocese of Saskatoon: The Reverend Rodney Osborne Andrews, 63, was elected on 15 November 2003. For additional information see the Anglican Journal.

The Parting of Friends. Cynthia McFarland, Managing Editor of Anglicans Online, writes about why she left her parish.

Internet and Communications
Church123: A non-denominational UK company that provides Internet services for churches, including templated sites, domain names, and hosting. The company gives any church a free 30-day trial and notifies the church before the end of this period to see if they wish to continue at UKP 250 per year. Alas, viewing the company's own site is currently restricted to Windows users using an Internet Explorer 5.5 browser or higher; the company assures us they are working hard to make the site more platform and browser friendly.

Chiba City, Church of the Resurrection (Yokohama) Note: in Japanese only.
Chiba City, St Mary (Yokohama) Note: in Japanese only.
Fujiosawa, St Mark (Yokohama) Note: in Japanese only.
Hamamastsu, St Andrew (Yokohama) Note: in Japanese only.
Yokohama City, St Andrew (Yokohama) Note: in Japanese only.
Yokohama City, St Christopher (Yokohama) Note: in Japanese only.

Letters to Anglicans Online
Read what our readers say. Tell us what you think: write a letter of your own to us for possible publication.

News Centre
AIDS and the Anglican Church of Papua New Guinea. Dean shortage in England. Details of criminal charges against bishop in Zimbabwe. ARCIC conference postponed. New law could affect bishop selection in England.

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Florida: Clearwater, Ascension (Southwest Florida)
Florida: Panama City Beach, Grace (Central Gulf Coast)
Ohio: Brecksville, St Matthew (Ohio)
Ohio: Lima, Christ Church (Ohio)
Texas: Garland, Holy Trinity (Dallas)

Vacancies Centre
List a parish or diocesan opening for one month at AO for free. Seeking a position? Scan vacancies on diocesan web sites throughout the communion.

Mexico: Jalisco, St Andrew (Western Mexico)

Worth Noting
The Anglican church in India: Tristram Hunt, writing in The Guardian, reports on the current state of one of the few Anglican churches in India.

Beware the new Donatist: Giles Fraser, writing in the Church Times, looks at David Anderson and Donatus.

Christmas book review bonanza: The Church Times has a special section devoted to reviews of Christmas books.

A great Pope ill-served by his fans: Eamon Duffy, writing for The Tablet, reviews a dreadful new book about the Pope.

On being liked: George Pattison, writing in the Church Times, reviews the new book of that name by James Alison.

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