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Hallo again to all, and Merry Christmas.


On 26 December 1994 Tod Maffin, a 24-year old Canadian, was surfing the then newly-available web, looking for pages on Anglican youth. Finding none, and only four pages on Anglicanism in total, on 31 December Anglicans Online was born. Friends and followers began to send him new links, and Anglicans Online became the largest and most comprehensive site for things Anglican. Over the past 20 years, Anglicans Online has brought you coverage of current events including Lambeth Conferences (before they started covering it themselves) and consecrations, world events, reports, and changes in provinces and dioceses. We have let you know about the newest sites in the Anglican world, tidbits of history, and reflections, and provided detailed pages of resources on a wide variety of topics of interest. You've been with us through our personal times of triumph and frustration, laughter and tragedy, as well as those in the Anglican Communion, and have shared with us many of your own.

As we approach our 20th Anniversary, we want to thank all of our dedicated volunteers over the years* and most of all, we want to thank you, our readers. What are you favourite memories of Anglicans Online, and what has Anglicans Online meant to you over the last 20 years? Let us know.


See you next week and for many weeks to come.

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All of us at Anglicans Online

28 December 2014

*A partial list of those who have significantly made Anglicans Online what it is today: Tod Maffin, Cynthia McFarland, Frederic McFarland, Brian Reid, Richard Mammana, Simon Sarmiento, Peter Owen, Helen Gordon, Richard Ruggle, Allie Graham, Brian Dawson, Raewynne Whiteley, Pierre Whalon, Gillian Barr, Thomas Bushnell, Timothy M. Nakayama, Michel Cousins, Indran Sinnadurai, Doug LeBlanc, Stephen White, Frank Logue, and our volunteers who keep our diocesan listings updated. Further thanks to our families for tolerating the amount of time it takes to put together AO. If you think we've left someone out, let us know.

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